Fraud Alert

JobSquare Fraud - Alert

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies and employees who would try to loot people in the name of offering a service or offering them a job. At JobSquare we have a dedicated team to take care of all the frauds that are happening in the name of JobSquare in both online and offline mode.

We would make sure that strict actions would be taken against those who try to do fraud in the name of providing services to companies or employers or offering jobs to candidates by misusing the name of JobSquare and looting people.

Report Your Fraud

How not to get into a trap:

  1. Do not get into the trap if someone claims to be the agents of JobSquare. JobSquare don’t have any agents. Please verify before you proceed to use the services once a formal agreement is made.
  2. All the transactions that would be done online and invoice would be sent to your official email id from the official JobSquare website to make sure that there is transparency.
  1. If you receive any emails or calls mentioning the free upgrade of JobSquare services or providing offers and discounts on any of the JobSquare services then make sure that you confirm it from the JobSquare.
  2. All the emails regarding the JobSquare services would be sent via the official JobSquare email id. 
  3. Beware of people who claim to be agents of JobSquare. Do confirm with JobSquare before taking any decisions.
  4. Do not pay to anyone in the name of JobSquare. All the services the information about the services and the payment related things would be mentioned on the website. Strictly follow the steps to secure your payment and get benefits of JobSquare services. Do not pay in cash or cheque in person.
  1. It is even the candidates’ responsibility to check for the company and the job you are about to apply. Check the complete details like companies official email id, phone number, website, address, Job Roles and Responsibilities, users’ comments, and ratings about the company and job profile.
  2. If you find any companies hiring in the name of JobSquare without concern of the JobSquare then do not apply for those jobs.
  3. If in case any companies ask you for the money or do not take any proper interview or provide you job an offer letter then do not apply for those jobs.

What do we expect from you

  1. If in case you are representing a company make sure that it is registered.
  2. If in case someone reaches you in the name of JobSquare then please confirm it from us before proceeding to continue the service.
  3. We would like to make sure that a proper ground level agreement is made.
  1. Make sure while registering in the JobSquare Website you use your companies official email id and phone number.
  2. Make sure you are the authorized person from your company to post a job requirement.
  3. Make sure you provide your correct email id and phone number so that students can reach you.
  4. If in case you are having an office offline then provide the correct address.
  5. Make sure to provide correct information about your company while registering your company in JobSqaure.
  6. if in case your company has a website, then post the website link.
  7. If in case you are posting a job requirement then post the complete details.
  8. Asking money, card details from the students, or any other sensitive information about the student, or using the name of JobSquare without the authority of JobSquare would be considered illegal and your services would be banned from the JobSquare if any such information reaches to us.
  1. Make sure all the information you post on the website is genuine.
  2. Make sure you use your email id and phone number which you would use to apply for the job is genuine. JobSquare has got the right to ban you from using any of the JobSquare services if Temporary Email id or phone number is used.
  3. Using the name of JobSquare to get a job in any company without the concern of the JobSquare would be considered as illegal.

Things to Remember:

  1. Neither the JobSquare or any of the companies would ask you money for offering the job. 
  2. There are no JobSquare agents.
  3. Do not get into the trap dreaming about the jobs. JobSquare is not responsible if any such kinds of fraud happens with you offline. Please concern with the JobSquare before taking any decisions.
  4. Beware of Spam Calls and Emails. A genuine mail of the JobSquare would have the Geniune Email id (