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Human Resource

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JobSquare Learning Team would help you to learn and earn. We will train you Industrial Standard courses. After the end of learning you will be job-ready. Learn Human Resource from the JobSquare Learning Team to avail the best benefits.

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Human Resource is a way to showcase your works to the world and attract your realtime customers in the digital world through your website and engaging them and turning them into your potential customers.

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Why Learn Human Resource?

What will you Learn in Human Resources?

Advantage of Learning Human Resource from JobSquare

Course Structure

What will you learn in Human Resources?

  1. The Role Of Human Resource Management (HRM)
  2. Developing Strategic HRM Plans
  3. Diversity And Multiculturism
  4. Introduction To Recruitment
  5. Interviewing And Selection
  6. Compensation And Benefits
  7. Retention And Motivation
  8. Training And Development
  9. Successful Employee Communication
  10. Managing Employee Performance
  11. Employee Assessment
  12. Safety And Health At Work