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At JobSquare, We take care of Hiring candidates for companies who are into IT Sectors. We hire both Technical and Non Technical Candidates.

At JobSquare, We take care of Hiring candidates for Manufacturing Industries like  Automotive, Paper, Textile, Chemical Industries, Food, Furniture, Wooden , Coal, Machinery, Power, Petroleum, Computer/Electronics, Rubber.

At JobSquare, We take care of hiring candidates for Educational Sectors. We Hire Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, Guest Lectures, HOD’s, Lab Assistance and other Job Profiles for Various Schools and Colleges.

At JobSquare, We help the Hospitals to hire the best Doctors and Lab Technicians.  We even help the doctors in providing the best opportunities to work with. 

Automobile Industry is Emerging in the Job Market. We take care of providing the best resources for the Automobile Industry. 

There are a lot of BPO Companies in the market and there are a lot of openings for the same. We provide the right candidates for all these BPO Companies. 

Every a Company have a Sales Department and they will be Needing Marketing Persons. We provide the best marketer to these companies. 

A lot of new Pharmaceutical companies opening up in India. To Provide these Companies the Right Pharmacist, will be our priority.  

The Banking Sector is One of the booming Sectors in Indian. A lot of New Branches of Banks has been setting up in various locations in India. To Give these banks the right candidates.

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