Want to get hired sooner? Write your Resume better

Have you already uploaded your resume in may job portals? Not getting calls and emails from the companies or your resume is getting rejected even if you have mentioned everything in your resume?


In the ocean of fishes if you want to show yourself as a shark then be a shark. Increase the weight of your resume by adding skills and representing it in a better way.

Hiring Procedures are changed. Job Portals usually get hundreds to thousands of applications for a single job posting. Filtering out thousands of resumes would be difficult so companies use algorithms to filter out the resume based on different criteria.

No matter how beautifully you present your resume, if the algorithm doesn’t find what it wants, your resume will always be rejected.

Advantage of JobSquare Resume Writing Service

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Your Old Resume will be Re-Written by Experts in a new way.
More Chances of Creating First Impression on Employer using your Resume.
Your Resume will be valid for both offline and online.


  1. Your Resume would be Re-Written by Domain Experts.
  2. Your Resume will be job portal friendly.
  3. Your Resume will have keywords that would attract more companies.
  4. Your Resume will fetch more attention than the other resume.
  5. Your Resume will be the Featured Resume in JobSquare and more recruiters can see your resume.
  6. Your Resume will be available in all the formats.
  7. Customize Resume based on job profiles.
  8. Technical Support for any of the Resume Service.
  9. Resume Service will be provided. (Addition of new skills and changes in the resume).

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