Trust and Safety

JobSquare Trust And Safety

JobSquare highly values the privacy, security, and safety of all the personal and sensitive information that a user has shared with JobSquare. At JobSquare we have a dedicated team that would take care of the privacy of data that is shared by the user in both offline and online mode.

What does safety and privacy mean to us?

All the information that is shared to us by any user who has taken the services from the JobSquare would not be shared with any other user or to any JobSquare Employee without the concern of the user or to any third party company or agency. All the information would be saved safely.

Report Your Trust And Safety

If you have queries about privacy then you can feel free to contact our team. They would try to resolve your issue within 48 hours.

Privacy of the Companies

Any company that got a tie-up with us can make sure that their information wouldn’t be revealed or leaked to anyone. JobSquare would take the utmost precautions to take care of that.

Things we would do to secure your information.

  1. All your information would be saved in the encrypted format and would be password protected. One has to get the authority access to access the information.
  2. If in case any of your information shared on the internet then it would be done in by encrypting the information so that only the authorized users can access that.
  3. Authority of the concerned person would be taken if in case any of the information needs to be shared with anyone. 
  4. Written Agreement would be made if in case possible.

Privacy of the Employees

To take care of the privacy of the Employers who are hiring Candidates from JobSquare, the following things would be done:

  1. The Employer would have complete access to the module meant for them, and he/she would have the complete privilege of the data they want to share to as private or public.
  2. It is the employer’s sole responsibility to take care of the information that he/she is publishing online.
  3. There are a lot of privacy options given to the employer to take care of the privacy. As an Employer, you can choose what all information to be shared and what all to be hidden.
  4. You can change the information shared from the public to private and private to public at any time.

Privacy of the Candidates

Any Information shared by the student is solely the candidate’s responsibility. The following steps are taken by the JobSquare to take care of the privacy of the candidate.

  1. Candidate has got the right to choose what all information should be shared with the world.
  2. Candidate can change/remove the information mentioned on the website anytime.