Market first! Hire Next

Marketing for your Hiring

You are a Job Portal /Company/ Hiring or Recruitment Agency Looking for Hiring More people? But you are unable to get your customers to reach you? Do you want Recruiters to post more jobs on your site?

JobSquare has got a solution for it. JobSquare Introduces Marketing for your Hiring. This is a feature where JobSquare would help you to increase the traffic of the organic of the website so that you will get more and more students and recruiters into your website.

JobSquare can help you to turn your website into a brand.


Features of Marketing for your Hiring

Get the Recruiters to connect to you from different geographical locations and Different Departments.

Marketing for your Hiring

Increase in the inflow of Candidates into your site.

Advantage of using Marketing for your Hiring

  1. More and More Recruiters and Candidates would know about your Job Portal.
  2. Increase in the inflow of Recruiters and Candidates into your Job Portal.
  3. Increase in the number of Job Posting and Hiring in your Job Portal.
  4. 300% increase in ROI.
  5. You can see a big difference in your hiring business within 6 months.