To be the First, Make Priority First

JobSquare Priority Applicant to make you stand out of the Queue. Why should you wait when you will get a priority?


JobSquare Introduces JobSquare Priority Applicant Services for candidates. In this service JobSquare will give more priority to candidates who have availed the JobSquare Priority Services. These candidates will have more chances of getting placed in companies in their desired field.

Benefits of JobSquare Priority Applicant

Be the first to be visible in the list.

Resume would be Visible to more recruiters.

Increase the Job Resume Visibility.

Guaranteed Interview Call from HR and Companies.


  1. Anyone who has applied in other job portals but has not got the jobs. 
  2. Anyone who is in urgent need of a job.
  3. Anyone who doesn’t want to miss good job opportunities.
  4. Anyone who needs more calls from the companies.
  5. Anyone who is not satisfied working in the current job and want to shit to a new job.
  6. Anyone who is looking for a job for a long period of time.
  7. Anyone who wants his/her resume to be at the top of the list as compared to other candidates
  8. Anyone who wants his/her resume should be displayed to the companies first.
  9. Anyone who wants his resume to be visible to More Recruiters
  10. Anyone who wants to get the calls from the top recruiters in JobSquare.

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