Remote HR Services

Remote HR Services

Don’t want to invest time and money in Hiring, Want to Hire candidates Remotely? Don’t know how to and where to start?
Need someone who can completely handle all the hiring works for you?

We have a solution for you. JobSquare Introduces JobSquare Remote HR Services where JobSquare would allocate some of the best HRs to hire the best candidates for you remotely and can take care of all the hiring formalities.

Advantages of Remote HR Services

  1. No need to book a hall, invest time and money setting up the interview setup.
  2. faster hiring as compared to traditional hiring.
  3. Hire sitting at home.
  4. Conduct Interviews any time, Anywhere.

Want Help?
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Services JobSquare Remote HR Services provides

Create job postings for your company based on Job Role and Description.

Filtering out candidates from all the resumes received.

Conduct Telephonic Interviews and Video Interviews of potential candidates.

Establish your company's culture.

Assist you in resolving employee issues.

Help you with labor law compliance.

Handle a poor performer of your company.

Update your current HR-related documents.

Assist the newly joined Employee.

Features of JobSquare Remote HR Services

Good at Remote Hiring.

Hire candidates for any department from any geographical location.

Filter out resumes, can conduct and monitor online exams, conduct video face to face interviews, can filter out the right candidate for you.

Maintain a complete track of candidates.

Take care of complete HR formalities.

Experience and have knowledge of Online Tools and Software.

Have both Technical and Non Technical knowledge.

Work on weekends.