Freelance HR Services

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Freelance HR Services

Are you a company looking to hire a Professional and Experienced Freelance HR who can help you to hire candidates for your company?
Looking for someone who has both technical knowledge and non-technical knowledge which will help to ease the work and make the hiring faster?

We have a solution for you. JobSquare Introduces Freelance HR Services for the Companies. In this service, we would help you to provide you with the candidate who would be helping with all your hiring needs.

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Features of JobSquare Freelance HR Services

Any Freelance HR who would be hiring on the behalf of the JobSquare would have the following capabilities:

Available for you at your required time.

Take care of your complete hiring process.

Can Hire for any field.

Can Hire both Offline and Remotely.

Have knowledge of both technical knowledge and non-technical knowledge.

Available for any geographical location in India.

Advantage of Opting JobSquare Freelance HR Services

  1. You can choose the freelancer HR from the list of freelancer HR’s we have.
  2. Freelancer HR would have experience in hiring the candidates on the skills you are looking to hire candidates for.
  3. Can opt as many freelancers HRs as you can at a time.
  4. Freelancer HRs would even be available to hire candidates on weekends.
  5. Re Hire the same HR for the next Recruitments.
  6. Services would provide even after Hiring is done for your company.
  7. Can screen as many candidates as you want as per your requirements.
  8. Find Freelancer HR from any location.
  9. Freelancer HR would be ready to travel.* (*under certain conditions)